Tribal belly dance is dynamic and joyful. It is a style which draws on traditional belly dance with influences from Indian, flamenco and North African gypsy dance.

The combination of fast, rhythmic steps and slow, hypnotic movements is fascinating for audiences to watch. The costuming is colourful and ornate and the dance often involves props such as finger cymbals and swords.

Buasavanh Tribal Belly Dance formed in Canberra in September 2010. Based on the American Tribal Style® format, Buasavanh specialises in presenting polished performances that are entirely improvised in a spontaneous response to the music, ensuring that every performance is different and created in the moment.

Buasavanh means ‘heavenly lotus’.


Artistic Director

Pippa first saw tribal belly dance performed in Sydney in November 2005. Intrigued by this beautiful dance style she started studying and performing in 2006 under Fiona MacPherson and began teaching in 2010.

She is a founding member and co-director of Buasavanh Tribal Belly Dance, Canberra’s premier American Tribal Style® troupe and the only Sister Studio in the region.

With a love of American Tribal Style belly dance, Pippa continued to train with national and international teachers. In 2016 she travelled to the United States to undertake two weeks of intensive training with Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman from FatChanceBellyDance® and became an Advanced Teacher Trainer.

Pippa also performs traditional Middle Eastern belly dance at restaurants in Canberra and dances with Raks Zahirah professional troupe. She has studied Egyptian and Turkish belly dance, flamenco, Turkish gypsy dance, Azeri folk dance and tribal fusion.

Advanced Teacher Training Certified. ATS® Certified Instructor 2015. ATS® ‘General Skills’ Course 2015, 2011 and 2010.


Artistic Director

Bronwyn began dancing with Canberra’s Raqs Sharqi School of Egyptian Dance in 1997, teaching from 1999. From 2001–2005 she taught and performed in Southeast Asia, as well as studying various Middle Eastern dance styles with international dancers there.

Beginning in 2006, Bronwyn learned tribal belly dance from Fiona of Canberra’s Tribalista Bellydance. Bronwyn’s further studies with teachers such as Devi Mamak of Ghawazi Caravan, the Tribal JewelsCinnabar Red Dance Collective and American sword-mistress Sabine are enhanced by her foundation in Egyptian Folkloric dance.

ATS® Certified Instructor 2015. Completion of American Tribal Style ‘General Skills’ Course 2015.


Senior Dancer and Teacher

Katrina started belly dancing in Armidale in 1996. A folkloric teacher was running monthly workshops and she was soon hooked. When the workshops were threatened with closure, she started organising them so that she could maintain her own learning – and so started a love affair with dance. Katrina studied with Terezka, Shimmy Bellydance, Belly-up and seven years with Fiona MacPherson of Tribalista Belly Dance.

With experience in Egyptian and Turkish belly dance, tribal fusion and American Tribal Style® belly dance she joined Buasavanh in July 2014 as a seasoned professional. Katrina loves how belly dancing brings women together and develops a supportive community and she loves buying costumes!

Completion of American Tribal Style ‘General Skills’ Course 2015.



Risa grew up surrounded by dance and performance art. She took contemporary dance classes as a child with Quantum Leap Youth Contemporary Dance in Canberra as well as music and theater training during her teens. In 2013, after hearing the music of Beats Antiques, she stumbled across American Tribal Style belly dance and tribal fusion and immediately enrolled in Buasavanh’s classes, rediscovering her passion for dance through the earthy vibrant style.

Risa was invited to perform at RAW in 2016, joined Buasavanh in 2017 and in November 2017 featured as an up-and-coming talent at the belly dance showcase event Arabian Nights.

Risa is currently developing her own unique dance style, fusing elements of American Tribal Style, other fusion styles, urban and contemporary influences, and Classical Indian (Bharatanatyam). She aims to join the teachers of American Tribal Style Belly Dance in the future.